Customer Feedback Forum

We created this forum so Mewsers can let us know about problems encountered in Mews, and suggest fixes and functionality updates.

The suggestions with the most votes will be prioritized.

To submit a suggestion, first choose the most relevant topic and check to see if your suggestion has already been submitted. If it has, just click Vote.

If you don’t find your suggestion, click Enter your idea and fill in the details. Try to be specific.

Then click POST IDEA.

You can always check the status of your suggestion:

Unlikely: An idea that probably won't be developed in the near future.
New idea: A recently submitted idea awaiting review.
Idea to upvote: An idea that is more likely to be developed.
In progress: An idea we are working on.
Released: An idea that has already been implemented. 

Remember, more votes get more visibility, so we recommend writing in English.