Product Ideas Forum

Welcome to the customer forum for Mews product ideas. Please share your suggestions for how we can bring more value to you and your properties, and how we can help you give your guests a more remarkable experience.

We use these suggestions as evidence of opportunities to pursue and problems to solve. We prioritize all of our work based on urgency, effort and value, which includes the number of votes in this forum. We also evaluate new ideas based on how they align with our vision, mission and strategy. 

While every idea may not make it into the product, we do read and evaluate all the ideas you take the time to submit.

To submit an idea, first choose the most relevant category below and check to see if your idea has already been submitted. If it has, just click Vote.

If you don’t find your idea, click Enter your idea, and fill in the details. Please be as specific as you can. Then click POST IDEA. 

Once we have gathered enough information about your topic, we will assign a status:

Unlikely: An idea that probably won't be developed in the near future.
New idea: A recently submitted idea awaiting review. 
Idea to upvote: An idea that is more likely to be developed. 
In progress: An idea we are working on. 
Released: An idea that has already been implemented. 

Thank you for your feedback!